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Adaptive clothing comes in many forms from apparel with soft no-tag fabrics to t-shirts with pockets holding tubed pumps or cell phones. The need for apparel to do more beyond its basic function is becoming increasing common. Major retailers are offer clothing and accessories lines specifically for helping adults and kids with special needs. Further retailers are featuring models wearing CGMs and pumps.

Type 1 Diabetics and their caregivers have seen the need for adaptive clothing to make diabetes care easier and have created clothing solutions. Below is a list of adaptive clothing/accessories designers, T1D lifestyle brands, and a regular clothing items that just work well with diabetes devices.

T1D Designers / Retailers / Become a Designer / Groups

T1D Designers

  • Revel Wear – a pump pocket on various discreet layering undergarments for women, men and kids.
  • Anna PS – a fashion brand founded and run by a Type 1 Diabetic. Offering clothing and underwear that provides different options for carrying a diabetes technology/devices. This is a Sweden based company that ships to the worldwide.
  • Hid-in – underwear designer that also happens to be T1D. The designer’s biggest seller is the multi-way band for discreetly wearing tubed pumps.
  • Pancreas Pockets – helping you wear your insides on the outside! This Etsy store offers functional undergarments.
  • Passion Peelz – a Mom of a Type 1 Diabetic that is passionate about spreading awareness one t-shirt at a time! This Etsy store offers t-shirts, mugs, hats and so on.
  • Little T1D Pockets – creates products for T1D kids that is comfortable and helps create less stress for them and their parents.
  • DiaBeTees – Etsy store with a mission is to raise diabetes awareness through modern, cute, humorous and fun tees.
  • TypeOnderful Clothes – brand focused on creating light-hearted, empowering, well-designed products for Type 1 Diabetics. 
  • Greater Than – lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering all individuals and portion of sales are donated to research and support.
  • CariCami – camisoles that provide a stylish and discreet way to carry insulin pumps and phones.
  • Sugardrop Sweetwear Co – tees, hoodies, accessories and jewelry to raise awareness on the early signs of Type 1 Diabetes and to encourage anyone who is displaying these signs to insist on having a finger prick test. 
  • Glico Italy – offers a wide range of diabetic bands and patches. The leg band in particular is a nice design for women/girls that need an option for dresses.

Major Retailers/Brands

The need for adaptive clothing has caught the attention of major designers and retailers:

  • Athleta – workout brand that was inspired by an 8 year old T1D to create a hoodie with functional pockets to hold diabetic medical devices. Love that the hoodie is “diabetes awareness blue” and named “Own Your Power.”
  • Target – the Cat and Jack clothing line that offers kids adaptive clothing options.
  • Kohl’s – adaptive designs from various Kohl’s brands for kids and teens.
  • Land’s End – offering school uniforms where “every kid fits in.”
  • Tommy Hilfiger – innovative collection designed to look good for work, weekends and being active for adults and kids.
  • Zappos – functional and fashionable products from various brands that help individuals with disabilities. They offer a line of diabetic friendly shoes.
  • Marks and Spencer – contemporary and wearable adaptive styles.
  • Mighty Well – cozy jacket that works well with medical devices that was designed by a designer with a chronic illness.
  • Greta Grace – clothing line initially developed for children with g-tubes but these designs would work well for tubed insulin pumps as well.
  • Aerie / American Eagle – adaptive designs for various needs including T1Ds.
  • Amazon – apparel that just happens to work well with diabetic devices and needs. #ad

Become an Adaptive Clothing Designer

If you are inspired to start creating an adaptive wear brand, scholarships are available.

Need A Specific Clothing Item?

M&S and Me – closed Facebook group that helps parents find clothing options for kids with special clothing needs. If you are looking for a specific clothing solution, posting in this group might provide solutions or help generate ideas for specific clothing needs.

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