iPhone Clean Up

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Dexcom users that use an iPhone as a receiver can benefit from an iPhone clean-up.

Storage / Background / Bluetooth / Medical ID / Controls / Wallpaper

Storage Space

Dexcom requires open storage space to run and work properly. Check your storage space and delete any unnecessary applications if necessary.

Background App Refresh

The Background App Refresh setting on an iPhone allows the Dexcom app to refresh when on Wi-Fi or cellular in the background even when you are not using the app. Make sure this setting is turned on at Settings > General > Background App Refresh.


Old transmitters that remain as paired devices can effect your phone’s battery efficiency. Unpair old transmitters in the Bluetooth settings.

Medical ID

Help first responders access medical information from a locked iPhone screen by setting up your Medical ID. This feature on your iPhone details allergies, medical conditions and emergency contact information.

Parental Controls

Review the parental control settings to make sure your child’s phone is being used as intended.


Set the wallpaper on a locked iPhone screen to denote the phone is being used as medical device. View a sample wallpaper posted on Pinterest. Download the Pinterest file to your phone and use the phone’s picture markup tools to add other pertinent details like your child’s name, parent’s phone number or an “if found” phone number.

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