T1D Making CGMs and Pumps Stick in Water

Water and Type 1 Diabetics (T1D) medical devices (Continuous Glucose Monitors [CGMs], insulin pumps and infusion sites) require special considerations for T1Ds. When adhesives patches get wet for long periods of time, the adhesive can become mailable causing the adhesive patch to more around and/or fall off. Have a relaxing and manageable day in the water (swimming, pool, lake, beach, ocean, etc.) with the right preparations for managing Type 1 Diabetes adhesives.

Overpatch / Arm Bands / Shield / Liquid Adhesive / Vet Wrap / Sunscreen

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Overpatches Extra Adhesive for CGMs and Pumps

Overpatches add an extra adhesive patch over the T1D medical device’s initial patch. Overpatches are typically precut to fit the T1D device (Dexcom, Libre, Infusion site or OmniPod) but you can also make you own patches.

  • Dexcom Overpatch Options
  • Libre Overpatch Options
  • OmniPod Overpatch Options


Add a shield before applying an overpatch to a T1D medical device to allow for easy removal of the overpatch. The shield protects the initial medical device’s adhesive patch when applying an overpatch. When the overpatch (applied over the shield) starts to peel at the edges, simply remove the extra overpatch without disturbing the initial adhesive patch.

Arm Bands

Arm bands can worn over T1D medical device’s initial patch or be used in addition to overpatches. Adding an arm band over a T1D medical device while in water and then wearing it until the adhesive patch dries, helps keep the adhesive in place. Use a device specific arm band (Dexcom, Libre or Omnipod) or general compression band over all devices.

Liquid Adhesive

Adding an adhesive barrier before applying a T1D medical device (Dexcom, Libre, Infusion Site, OmniPod) provides extra adhesive to the initial adhesive. A second layer of liquid adhesive on top of the adhesive patch provides even more sticking power. Further, apply liquid bandage to edges of an adhesive patch that starts to peel-up from daily wear-and-tear from being in water.

Adhesive Bandage Wrap

Adhesive Bandage Wrap (a.k.a. vet wrap) comes in various colors and sizes to wrap over T1D medical devices. Vet wrap works like a compression band but is much easier to remove and dries faster. Vet wrap can shrink when going from dry-wet-dry again. It is important to check the tightness of the wrap throughout the day on young kids.


Keep your skin protected even at indoor pools. Sunburns can cause high blood glucose levels and ruin your fun. When applying sunscreen stay clear of the medical device’s adhesive patches (sunscreen can make the adhesive malleable and device will just slide off) and OmniPod insulin pumps (sunscreen causes pods to crack/leak). Consider using a sunscreen stick or solar buddy to apply sunscreen safely around adhesive patches.

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