Type 1 Diabetes Travel Packing Checklist

Traveling with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) requires lots of supplies! Stay organized and prepared with the T1D Packing Checklist.

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Checklist / Travel Bags / Supplies / Chargers / Adhesive / Water / Misc

T1D Travel Packing Checklist

The Travel Packing Checklist is group by topics and provides a checklist for diabetic supplies, chargers, adhesive, considerations for water activities and other miscellaneous needs while on vacation. The quantity of supplies is not listed due to the number will vary based on your length of stay and type of travel. It is recommended to bring triple the amount of needed supplies.

Travel Bags

  1. Storage Tote Bin – works well for road trips
  2. Medical Supply Bag
  3. Makeup bag
  4. Travel backpack with packing cubes
  5. Toiletry bag
  6. Hanging toiletry bag


  1. Fast-acting insulin
  2. Long-acting insulin (in case of pump failure)
  3. Syringes
  4. Alcohol pads
  5. Pen needles
  6. Extra PDM – contact OmniPod to request an extra PDM during travel
  7. OmniPod Pods
  1. Smart watch
  2. Dexcom receiver
  3. Dexcom transmitter
  4. CGM Sensors
  5. Glucose Meter
  6. Glucose test strips
  7. Glucose tabs
  8. Cake gel


  1. Batteries – for glucose/ketone meters (typically button battery) and Eros PDM (AAA)
  2. Dexcom receiver charging cord
  3. Portable charger
  4. Omnipod Dash PDM charging cord
  5. USB wall chargers
  6. Smart watch charger

Extra Adhesive

  1. Overpatches – Free Dexcom overpatch, Lexcam Dexcom, Lexcam OmniPod
  2. SkinTac
  3. Vet wrap
  4. Adhesive remover – GooGone or baby oil


Misc Supplies

  1. Personal fan – heat can raise bgs
  2. Cooling towels
  3. Passport and Vaccination Card holder
  4. Running belt
  5. Contact information tags
  6. Duct tape – relives pod static issues
  7. Safety Pin – for Pod screamers
  8. Money – dollars and quarters (vending machine) to purchase low supplies
  1. Sharps disposal
  2. Insulin cooler – for warmer weather and beach days
  3. Frio bags
  4. Band-aids / first-aid kit
  5. Fever Reducer
  6. Thermometer
  7. Zofran (generic Osterdan) or Ipecacuanha (homeopathic)
  8. Imodium


Anything missing from the checklist? Do know of a product the makes T1D travel easier? If so, leave a comment below.

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