Decorating OmniPod Pods

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If you like to show off your OmniPod (or maybe would like to not hear “what is that on your arm?”), decorate your pod! Keep in mind that some decorating techniques also help reduce pod static failures.

Decorating Tips / Products / Storage

Decorating Techniques

Pod Products

Preprinted pod shaped stickers and covers are sold by various vendors.

Storing Decorated Pods

Keep the pod’s packing (paper seal, syringe, and plastic) to store the decorated pods. Lift the pod’s paper seal just enough to remove the pod. Decorate the pod, place the dry decorated pod back into the original packaging and tape the paper seal with scotch tape. Pods can then be placed back in the original box and stored.

Try to keep the pod, its packaging and box together for lot tracking purposes in case of pod failures.

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